Cancel/Change Order

Please agree with our policy and terms of service if you want to creat a cancel order ticket. You can email us your request here:
See full Cancel/Change Order Below
Kindly keep in mind that we produce on demand. We do not stock items. Once an item is being printed, unfortunately it can not be used for any purpose. However, it's difficult if the order received is not as our customers want actually. Thus we will support as much as possible for these cases.
You can free cancel/change your order within 24 hours of placing your order for any reason. Out of the time, we will not be able to free cancel/changing your order any more. If your order is shipped out, we can not make any change/cancel on your order anymore.
IMPORTANT: we only accept cancel and change order by inputting your information in the "Cancel/Change Order Center" form below. Any cancellation or changes about orders via email, we cannot take full responsibility at Covid-19 time.
  • Since your order is placed : The fee charged for cancel/change of order
  • 0-12 hours : Free cancel or change order information
  • 12-24 hours :
- Cancel:  5 USD/item for fee
- Change size/variant:  5 USD/item for fee, non-accepted for some products - Change shipping address: Free but not accepted for some products
  • >24 hour
- Cancel: Non-accepted - Change size/variant:  5 USD/item for fee but only accepted until it is shipped out. - Change shipping address: free and just accepted until it is shipped out and only accepted for some products. We will contact our post office if necessary.
 ***Note: The fee charged stated above is not included the difference between the origin price and after-change price.